The vision to combine classical music and metal in a new way came alive in December 2011: molllust played the first show. Frontwoman Janika Groß (Vocals, Piano) was joined by Frank Schumacher (Vocals, E-Guitar), Sandrine B. (E-Violin), Lisa H. (Cello), Johannes Hank (E-Bass) and Daniel Wölfer (Drums). Ever since, they cause a great stir:

In springtime 2012 the band produced their debut-album “Schuld” with Andy Schmidt (Disillusion) at KickTheFlame/Echolux-Studio Leipzig. It was released on 22.09.2012. Worldwide critics were enthusiastic. In the meantime they also created a set of Bach cover versions. With these the band participated in the BachSpiele 2012 and could persuade the professional jury with accomplished adaptations. With Luisa Bauer performing in place of Sandrine B. at the violin, molllust was awarded the first prize for its outstanding performance.

In July 2012 molllust imported Tommaso Soru straight from Italy, who replaced Ronny Garz after a half-year lasting interim at the drums. Due to the great success of the Bach covers, molllust recorded the EP “Bach con fuoco” and released it in March 2013. molllust created a special release show with additional strings and a choir on stage. In August 2013 molllust was awarded as official M’Era Luna Newcomer 2013. FMC nominated molllust as one of the most promising Newcomers of Saxony in autumn. In addition, Janika Groß became Haggard-Soprano in November 2013.

2014 was devoted to the recording of our second album “In Deep Waters”, an extended work with intricate choir- and orchestral passages, which was released on September 25th, 2015. In the process Luisa B. became a permanent member of the band as a second violin. Parallel to the studio production, an acoustic set was developed, presenting the songs in a new fashion. For this, the electric bass is replaced by double bass, played by Carsten Hundt. This was followed by a tour through Europe with the acoustic version, together with Orphaned Land. Additionally, two changes in members / instrumentation occurred: Simon Johanning replaced Johannes Hank on the electric bass guitar and Clemens Frank replaced Tommaso Soru on the drums. 2016 was dominated by concerts in Germany, with the FemME Metal Event in Eindhoven as a highlight. After Clemens Frank left the band for family reasons and his solo project, Fabrizio Finamore took over the drums.