Earth – Beauty of Diversity – Community Video

music is connecting us all and so we’d love to invite you to be a part of our video to “Earth – Beauty of Diversity” in order to spread our message of diversity and peace!
In this song, we already have voices from all around the world who say “I am a child of the earth” in their native languages and we’d love to also visualize that.
You have two possibilities to take part:

1) Film yourselve with a sign “I am a child of the earth” in your mothertongue

Create a short clip of you, holding a sign in your hand where “I am a child of the earth” is written on it in your native language and send it or a link to the video to Place yourself in front of art, architecture, nature, industry… be creative! Whatever you feel fitting is good, as long as no other brand names or strangers without permission are involved. Perfect would be a video of 3-6 seconds (better a moment longer to cut/blend) in 16×9 horizontal format, but in case of doubt we can also use vertical footage or even photos.

Here are some examples presented by Janika

2) A video of you singing along to the choruses

If you just want to record one chorus, take the second one. We don’t use the sound, so don’t worry about wrong notes! You can find the song here or on Spotify or YouTube

Singalong for first chorus
Singalong for both final choruses

And here are the lyrics of the chorus:

Our culture defines us.
When our culture dies, we die.
The past's seeds hold the future,
so let us all unite
to preserve the beauty
and blossom even more.
It is our duty,
our culture is our core!

If you want, you can also do a combination of 1) and 2), of course!

Deadline is Valentine’s day, February 14th. 2023.

We would be happy and grateful if you take part and are looking forward to all contributions that reach us!