Back on stage!

The summer is unstoppably coming over Europe and the first live events are finally taking place again! And so we too strive to fill our show calendar. And just like last year, we are organising our own festival, the Winds and Woods meet Metal, in Leipzig. We hope that everything will work out as planned! And there are also news for our studio recordings. Probably they will take place in August and/or September. But for now, here are all the live dates planned so far, starting with a very spontaneous festival show:

30.07.2021 | Teterow [D] | Teterock Open Air
28.08.2021 | Leipzig [D] | Hellraiser | Winds and Woods meet Metal
08.10.2021 | Prague [CZ] | Vagon Klub | + Wolfarian, Cruadalach, Aether
09.10.2021 | Brno [CZ] | Melodka | + Wolfarian, Cruadalach, Aether
06.11.2021 | Liège [BE] | Centre culturel d’Ans | + Fading Bliss, Beneath my Sins
19.11.2021 | Verona [IT] | Factory | tba
20.11.2021 | Mailand [IT] | tba | tba

Janika is excited about the upcoming concerts! Pic by Frank Helbig