Despite some absences due to illness (as if we had foreseen it), we rocked through the choir recordings with Andy Schmidt late into the night at the Echolux studio on Monday. On the Sunday before, we had met with everyone in our spacious rehearsal room and polished all the pieces together to everyone’s satisfaction, ready to be recorded. The missing singers threw us a bit off schedule (some parts had to be sung twice by the girls present), but that didn’t stop us from moving aerosols through the studio until after midnight without losing even a tiny bit of energy. And that means: All the recordings planned for the album are done!!!

Sopranos on Mars!

… and before we know it, the main vocals are also in the can. We had a really cool, busy week at the Sandlane Recording Facilities and are overjoyed with the results we were able to achieve with the support and patience of Joost Van den Broek. This means that only the choirs need to be recorded and then the recordings for the new album will be completed. In the meantime, the plan for the choir recordings has also been established: We will do them here in Leipzig, with our good friend and companion Andy Schmidt from Disillusion in the Echolux studio. The choir singers have been recruited, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that the cold-ridden autumn doesn’t throw a spanner in the works!