Mother Universe released!

Today is finally the day when our new album Mother Universe sees the light of day! It has been a long and arduous journey, but every single metre has been worth it. The first notes were already written in 2017, Venus was the first song written. With each song that was added, it became clearer how diverse the album would become in terms of mood and orchestration. From a straightforward rock number like Saturn to massive orchestral movements and choirs like Mars. And so we were overjoyed to get Mr. Joost van den Broek, who produces genre greats like Epica, Blind Guardian or Powerwolf, on board. After an intensive pre-production, we were supposed to go into the studio – but the measures to fight the pandemic also affected our production in the Netherlands, not to mention the additional logistical challenges. But in August 2023, the final touches were finally put on the master and today we can proudly present our work to the world