molllust – Mother Universe (songs only). Digital Download

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The main tracks of the album “Mother Universe” as digital download. If you download all songs as bundle, you will also get the booklet with song texts and digital cover. It features a journey through our solar system and to the ancient gods and includes a huge variety of soundscapes, including orchestral passages and chamber music passages combined with metal. These songs are all stand alone-versions without the Cosmic Promenades – short orchestral songs to connect all the songs. If you are interested to buy this experience as well, please choose the Deluxe-version, which also includes the single versions offered here.

Release: November 25th 2022

Tracks (single versions):
00 all main tracks of Mother Universe
01 Cosmic Ouverture
02 Sun – Journey of Icarus
03 Saturn – Human Clockwork
04 Venus – Poems of Love
05 Earth – Beauty of Diversity
06 Mars – The Game is Over
07 Mercury – The Desert Inside
08 Moon – Ostracised Companions
09 Jupiter – When Divine Winds Rage
10 Uranus – The Butterfly and the Spider
11 Neptune – Wrath of the Sea
12 Pluto – The Raven’s Lullaby
13 Cosmic Epilogue