On 27&28 August 2021 we will open the doors of the Hellraiser Leipzig for you with the 3rd edition of our “Winds and Woods meet Metal Festival”! Due to the bad weather forecasts, we have moved the festival to the large hall of the Hellraiser, where we can offer you a safe festival with our proven hygiene concept. As the host band, we are especially looking forward to finally being able to present some live premieres from the new album! For more information, please visit the festival website

UPDATE: Here are a few pics from our show at the festival. Pics by Schwarze Gräfin und Matthias Mayer.

The summer is unstoppably coming over Europe and the first live events are finally taking place again! And so we too strive to fill our show calendar. And just like last year, we are organising our own festival, the Winds and Woods meet Metal, in Leipzig. We hope that everything will work out as planned! And there are also news for our studio recordings. Probably they will take place in August and/or September. But for now, here are all the live dates planned so far, starting with a very spontaneous festival show:

30.07.2021 | Teterow [D] | Teterock Open Air
28.08.2021 | Leipzig [D] | Hellraiser | Winds and Woods meet Metal
08.10.2021 | Prague [CZ] | Vagon Klub | + Wolfarian, Cruadalach, Aether
09.10.2021 | Brno [CZ] | Melodka | + Wolfarian, Cruadalach, Aether
06.11.2021 | Liège [BE] | Centre culturel d’Ans | + Fading Bliss, Beneath my Sins
19.11.2021 | Verona [IT] | Factory | tba
20.11.2021 | Mailand [IT] | tba | tba

Janika is excited about the upcoming concerts! Pic by Frank Helbig

The lockdown has caught our album production cold. The string recordings planned for November at the Sandlane Recording Facilities with Joost van den Broek could therefore unfortunately not take place. Now we hope that the situation will ease soon so that we can make up for it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, nothing can be concretely planned at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that we are not still working on the album behind the scenes. Julian and Janika are busy programming the orchestras, which will appear in varying degrees in the new songs. The interim results already sound tremendous and motivate us to continue to fight our way through this arduous and time-consuming process, in which literally every single note is touched. With this in mind, stay positive. … unless it’s a test!

We are happy to announce that we finished the recordings of the Metal section! After recording the drums at Sandlane Recording Facilities with Joost van den Broek, our guitarists contributed their parts and Joost refined them with a great sound. They really rock, we can’t wait to show it to you!
Next stop: Orchestras. During lockdown time, Janika is programming the orchestras with Julian’s assistance (while she is our musical visioneer, he is our sample library master mind). As soon as we can return to studio, strings and vocal recordings will follow.

Frank, Andrea, Janika, Joost and Julian at Sandlane Recording Facilities

While writing the compositions for Mother Universe, Janika wrote many small excerpts for different instruments in order to experiment with their sounds and to explore the style of the new album. With one of these excerpts, she won a competition for composers hosted by MDR Kultur. As a result, it will be recorded by the MDR ensemble.
Here’s the press announcement (German): https://www.mdr.de/presse/klangkoerper/presseinformation-mdr-klassik-mikrokompositionen-radio-100.html
It will be broadcasted in spring. We are looking forward to show you this slightly unusual pre-single of our album!

Our festival is over, but the memories will last. It was a relief for many of us to be able to host a complete festival in these difficult times, although we had to shorten the line up last minute due to new Corona travel restrictions. Here are some impressions:
Frank Helbig Photography: https://www.facebook.com/FrankHelbigPhotography/posts/3098356220274586
Moni Schwarze (photos): https://www.facebook.com/schwarze.graefin/posts/1871326596340807
Hermann Busse (photos): https://www.instagram.com/p/CFFGmlpnP14/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
Dark Art (Review with photos): https://www.dark-art.de/winds-woods-meet-metal-festival-11-09-12-09-2020/
Musik an sich (Review): www.musikansich.de/artikel.php?id=2295

Photo: Frank Helbig

The new date of our festival is September 11th & 12th. As the Fimbul Festival announced to take place at our originally planned date, we want to avoid to force the spectators to which event they should go. Although it is not easy at all to plan a festival in these days, we do our best to provide you a great event! More news very soon!

We want to thank every single person who helped us with a donation or funding to get our studio bills paid for our upcoming album “Mother Universe”!
As a special thank you, enjoy here an acoustic splitscreen version of our new song Venus as a preview:

In case you want to support us further during the production process, you can just donate via paypal: https://www.paypal.me/molllust

We prepared everything to finally enter the studio and to record ‘Mother Universe’. But there is one thing missing… your support!
We created a crowdfunding campaign where you can find much more information about our upcoming album. You can preorder the CD or choose between many other rewards we created for you. See you at
https://www.startnext.com/molllust-mother-universe !

It’s time to reveal some details about our upcoming release. Join us on our journey through our solar system! The album will be named ‘Mother Universe’ and the songs will be dedicated to the planets and the Gods these were named after.

Below you can find the cover artwork! The built-in photography comes from Frank Helbig – Photography, the artwork from Ungestalt. Kollektiv für Kommunikationsdesign. It’s time to record the music now! We’ll tell you what keeps us from recording immediately tomorrow.